Falling head over heels in the Peak District

Falling head over heels in the Peak District

Here at June Peony Bridal Couture, we feel it’s important to support local businesses, to support one another in growing our dream businesses into roaring success stories.

So, when Our Photographer Raj Gola approached us requesting a couple of gowns, having listened to his ideas for the shoot and working with Raj on numerous occasions in the past, we of course accepted his ideas and supported him on this photoshoot!

We couldn’t wait to hear all about the day’s shooting and see the end results, but knowing Raj and one of his two models Alexandria, these shots would be nothing short of epic and my goodness he really excelled himself with these stunning shots.

Here’s what Raj and Alexandria had to say about the days shooting.

“I have always been inspired by levitation photography and would often wonder how it was done, it was a mystery to me and I became focused on learning how to achieve this dramatic look. Once I had learned the skills, I started a mood board to get some ideas as to what my ideal ‘levitation’ shoot would look like, who I would cast, where I would shoot etc. I needed the right models and the perfect location.

I recently worked on a couple projects with June Peony Bridal Couture and we hit it off from the get go, creating some beautiful images, So I knew straight away when planning the levitation shoot where the dresses would be coming from. June Peony’s dresses are stunning and the staff there are reliable, trustworthy and incredibly supportive of local businesses. It was also through working with June Peony Bridal Couture that I met one of the models I had chosen for this shoot.

The location we chose was the Peak District, I chose this location purely because of the stunning views and cliffs and knew it would make a stunning backdrop for the images I wanted to create. Once everything was planned we set a date for 8th of October and waited in excitement.

Finally, the time came to put all I had learned and planned into practice, the only downside on the day of the shoot was having to carry 2 sets of ladders uphill, which was painful but we managed it.

The weather was perfect, we had wind, mist and it was cloudy and dark, perfect for the moody style of shooting I wanted to portray. We shot for 3 hours in the cold and the wind, but bless the models Alex and Kirsten powered through it. At the end of the day, after we had packed up and walked back down the hill, we huddled together with a hot cup of coffee and flicked through the camera roll of the images we had created. Everyone was so happy! We had done it and I could say to myself I can tick that box now.

I can’t thank the team enough for their hard work, effort and support in helping me achieve these images.”

Raj Gola

“To begin the shoot, we started by climbing to our destination, a beautiful set of rocks, looking out over the Peak District. We were surprised by the wonderful reception we received from some of the walkers whose comments ranged from “I’m not going to ask.” to “Well, that’s something you don’t see every day.” We’d set up a few ladders as props and were dressed in the most gorgeous gowns provided by June Peony Bridal Couture. Without shoes, socks and warm coats, we plunged into the shoot, shiver and smize combined. It was a great day, despite the cold, filled with laughter, glamour and a little bit of magic.”


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Raj, Alexandria and Kirsten for their hard work and for sharing their experiences and breath-taking images from the day. We would also like to thank Raj for choosing the June Peony Bridal brand to feature in his latest photo shoot.

Models wore our ‘Ruby’ bridesmaid gowns in brand new colours, Navy & Wine.

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