Is a White Holy Communion Dress the Perfect Choice?

 Unveil the Communion Dress Answers You Need for your Communion Dress Shopping

Q: Does a holy communion dress have to be white?

A: In the UK, the tradition of white and ivory Holy Communion dresses prevails. The symbolic purity associated with these hues aligns seamlessly with the sanctity of the occasion. While white is more commonly chosen for most parents, off-white or silver/nude mixed colours on a lace communion dress are getting more acceptable for a modern communion dress styles. Bear in mind, it’s essential to check with the church to ensure that your selected colour, especially any darker color, adhere to their latest guidelines.

Q: What should my daughter wear on her first holy communion?

A: The ensemble for a first Holy Communion is a carefully curated affair. Typically, it includes a white or ivory communion dress, gloves, a communion bag, white shoes, and some modest accessories and jewellery. Tradition dictates that the dress should gracefully fall below the knees when sitting and standing. Popular fabric choices include the ethereal textured tulle, the timeless silky satin, and the graceful lace. Tulle often intertwines with lace, while satin provides a regal appearance in photographs, creating a look that is both classic and sophisticated.

Q: How much should a holy communion dress cost?

A: Selecting a Holy Communion dress involves considerations beyond aesthetics. The dress’s structure, materials, and proper fit are paramount. Investing in a high-quality, made-to-order dress is recommended to ensure it stands the test of time. Generally, a budget of £300 or more is deemed reasonable for this special occasion. Alternatively, for those seeking a truly unique touch, exploring bespoke options allows for a one-of-a-kind creation that aligns perfectly with your personal preferences for a stunning and memorable communion day.

Q: When should I shop for a holy communion dress?

A: Timing is key when embarking on the quest for the perfect Holy Communion dress. It’s advisable to commence shopping at least 3-5 months in advance in the UK. This timeframe ensures ample opportunity to explore various styles, select the perfect dress, and accommodate any necessary alterations, to make sure that everything is flawlessly tailored for the special day. Meanwhile, some boutiques follow a strict principle: only one style for one school/church at the same day. Therefore, confirm your order earlier when you find your perfect communion dress, to make sure you are the first and the only one wearing this stunning gown on your communion day.

Q: What accessories should a communion girl wear?

A: Elevate the communion girl’s ensemble with meticulously chosen accessories. Tiaras and veils stand as popular choices, particularly when paired with a larger, more elaborate dress. For those leaning towards a more understated look, consider smaller silver headpieces to infuse a touch of sophistication. Veils, available in single or two-tier options, may boast delicate beading and matching lace, adding a refined touch to the overall ensemble.

Beyond these, parasols, gloves, and communion bags also contribute to the completeness of a first holy communion look. These accessories typically feature details harmonizing with the dress, incorporating elements such as laces, beads, pearls, or other embellishments. Coordinating the order of these accessories with the dress ensures a seamlessly cohesive and stunning overall appearance.


As you embark on the journey of selecting a Holy Communion dress in the UK, let these answers serve as your comprehensive guide.

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