What wedding dress style would be suggested for a winter wedding?

A: When choosing a style for a winter wedding, it’s a good idea to keep it seasonal; go for something a bit more covered-up instead of a sheer design. High necks and long sleeves with tulle and lace appliqué are on trend at the moment, or you could go for a heavier fabric such as Mikado or duchess satin with a wide off-the shoulder neckline. If your preference is something a bit lighter and less covered up, team it with a faux fur or feather shrug, giving it a winter wonderland feel.
We think ivory will still be the mainstream colour for most winter weddings in the coming two years, but if you want to add a pop of colour, think forest green, champagne gold, and deep red for a warm,
rich look.

Seasonal Splendor in Every Stitch

As winter’s embrace sets the stage for enchanting weddings, choosing the perfect gown becomes a delightful journey into seasonal sophistication. Let’s explore the curated suggestions for a winter wonderland wedding dress that captures the magic of the season.

High Necks and Long Sleeves Take Center Stage

For a winter wedding, consider designs that offer a bit more coverage. High necks and long sleeves adorned with delicate tulle and lace appliqué are not only on-trend but also provide an elegant touch, keeping you warm without compromising style.

Mikado and Duchess Satin for Winter Opulence

Opt for luxurious fabrics like Mikado or duchess satin, offering both warmth and opulence. A wide off-the-shoulder neckline adds a touch of romance, creating a stunning silhouette that complements the winter ambiance.

Lighter Touch with Faux Fur or Feather Shrugs

If your heart leans towards a lighter, less covered-up style, consider teaming it with a faux fur or feather shrug. This not only adds a touch of glamour but also infuses your ensemble with a winter wonderland charm.

Ivory, Forest Green, Champagne Gold, and Deep Red

While ivory remains a classic choice, consider adding a pop of color to your winter wedding ensemble. Forest green, champagne gold, and deep red exude warmth and richness, elevating your look with a touch of seasonal vibrancy.

In the coming two years, we predict these winter trends will continue to shape the wedding landscape, offering brides a range of options to express their unique style against the backdrop of a winter wonderland. Embrace the season, celebrate your love, and find the gown that makes your winter wedding dreams come true.

Your West Midlands Wedding magazine, Issue 89, December/January 2023/2024 – Fashion & Beauty Q&A

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