One month after Reopening from 12th April 2021

It was amazing to come back to work in our lovely June Peony Bridal Couture boutique: everything is still the same, apart from wearing 😷 face mask and face shield to meet our customers! And our customers became much conscious and serious: most of them wore the face mask when they entered the shop. Appreciate your cooperation to follow social distancing and self-protection guidance to keep you and our staff safe.

Our team are also pleased as we have successfully delivered all bespoke dress orders which we took from the summer 2020, and the brides all looked fantastic in their unique gowns.

Recently we also got so many enquires about Holy Communion dresses! To transfer our modern elements to our flower girl and holy communion dress design, is our team’s new mission and we are working on this. Some regular customers already explored how new laces were crafted onto our new communion dresses and they felt amazed about new exquisite beadwork and delicate cutting.

June Peony Bridal Couture still work hard as before and aim to bring people something new and special! Also, during lockdown we also updated our website for new clean layout and faster image loading speed. Hope you will like this too.

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