Top 3 Bridal Surprise Gifts for the Bride-to-be!

Wedding Planning is a wonderful process for the whole family! Yet, we find that brides can get a little too stressed with all the bridal shopping. So why not help the bride lighten up with a little surprise gift? 

We thought we would do you a favour by highlighting our Top 3 favourite Bridal Accessories here at June Peony Bridal Couture, where you can give an extra personal touch to convey your thoughtfulness and making it more special when the bride-to-be receives it from you.

Top 1 – Bridal Veils

This gift is perfect for the bride-to-be! As we witness time and time again through our Bridal Fittings, most brides find that they feel more special just by wearing a veil – it completes the whole Bridal Look. You can even customise the wedding veil by embroidering the initials or date of the wedding onto it, to make it even more personal through our special service. A thoughtful yet practical way to invest as a family heirloom where the couple can pass it to the next generation.

Top 2 – Bridal Hair Vines

At our boutique we have a gorgeous variety of Bridal Hair Vines such as Floral, Star and Leave Designs with rhinestones, pearls, diamante and crystals. They can also come in different colours such as gold, rose gold or silver. It’s an accessory that goes with everything, even alongside a veil. In fact, she’ll probably want to wear it every day even after the wedding.

Our accessories are specially sourced from well-established Bridal Accessories Brand in Netherlands; some are imported from South Korea, exclusively handmade by highly trained artisans.

Top 3 – Bridal Tiaras

Wedding tiaras are a classic hair accessory and one of the most popular! If you want to add an extra WOW-Factor to your brides’ look and make sure she feels like a princess on the big day, then you have to check out our beautiful, elaborate bridal tiaras. Exquisitely crafted with crystals and pearls in rose gold, gold or silver.

We’re not inventing these ideas from nothing and not to brag, but we kind of know our stuff. We see and hear what brides are looking for every single day, after all. Put your trust in us and our June Peony Team will do the very best to help you with your shopping.

This 2020, we will continue to upgrade our accessories collection with upcoming luxury accessory products made by talented artisans in Italy and France. 

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