What started as a small shift from ivory to champagne has continued to evolve; whilst ivory wedding dresses remain the classic, our latest gowns offer a new twist, with mixed colours of blush, champagne and red too. These new shades of colour, like our June Dress in champagne mixed with ivory lace, work best with most skin types.

We want you to look your absolute best on your big day and make the most of your natural beauty. That’s why finding the right style and fit of wedding dress is so important and choosing the right colour will make your skin glow and complete the picture.

When shopping for your dress, choosing the wrong shade of colour may leave your skin looking dull or too yellow. Even just a subtle difference can make an improvement to your whole look!

Knowing your skin can be helpful for many more reasons such as when you choose the right foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick colour!

Guidance on Skin Types

“Skin Shade” is most obvious to you, the actual colour of our skin complexion such as Pale, Fair, Medium, Olive, Brown or Dark. 

“Skin Undertone” refers to the deeper tint of our skin. It’s not the actual colour we see, but a hint of warmth, cool or neither, which is known as balanced.

You can discover your undertone by looking at the veins in the middle of your arm:

Green or Yellowish = Warn Skin Tone

Blue/Purple = Cool Skin Tone

If you can’t tell = Neutral Skin Tone

From our team’s experience, here is a breakdown of how to find the right wedding dress colour for your skin shade and undertone.

Warm Skin Tones

If you have warm undertones, cooler coloured dresses such as pure white, pink and blush tones work best such as our Lucy Dress. You can also wear off-white and champagne coloured gowns as these are neutral and works will all skin tones. Dusky, smoky shades is the ideal contrast to complement warm skin tones and a great way to have some fun adding a little colour into a traditional bridal look! Shades you may need to avoid are yellowy tones which may leave you looking a little ‘washed out’. 

Cool Skin Tones

Warm fabric hues such as ivory, cream and nude will compliment cool undertones beautifully. If you’re looking for an elegant look but have a warm skin tone, our Giselle dress is a great example of an ivory dress with a nude illusion bodice that can complement you well. Neutral colours such as blush and champagne will also work. However, bright white might be the shade to avoid as it could make you look too pale. 

Neutral Skin Tones

Having a balanced undertone means you can pull of all colours! From pure-white, ivory, grey, blush, champagne, nude and etc.  Our wedding dresses such as Angela is available in champagne and ivory – the perfect dress to suit all skin types.

If you want some extra help with choosing your wedding dress – which style would work for you best – why not make an appointment to visit our boutique!

Explore our latest collections and check it out in person in our boutique.

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