Trends of the wedding season 2021/22 season and our picks (Part 2)

Let’s continue from Part 1….

Here at June Peony Bridal, we have all the new and vintage trends and styles to ensure you find your perfect fit. The team have outlined some of our very best gowns and accessories that are all the rage this season. I also discuss the cultural influences and historical roots of each style. 

3. Off the shoulder 

We’ve seen the resurgence of the off-the-shoulder garment in the last few years. It has now emerged as one of the top trends of bridalwear this year. The style can be traced back to Victorian times, during the regency era, where women would pair the neckline with long, full skirts. The look often connotes regality, having been seen being worn by woman of status during the era. Re-popularised by Brigette Bardot in the 1960’s, when she broadened the look by pairing off-the-shoulder tops with both trousers and midi-skirts, it has recently reached the bridal world. We have a number of gowns, both occasion wear and wedding dresses, that feature this neckline. I’ve selected a few of my favourite bridal gowns.

4. Lace on Lace 

Lace has been a staple on the bridal scene for a long time. But this season were seeing new, bold patterns covering gowns bodice to skirt. Lace fabrics have been around since the 16th century. Beginning as lace collars, caps and shawls, it quickly became a feature of many dresses throughout history starting in the Elizabethan era and continuing even today on the catwalk and high street alike. Lace this season is bigger and bolder, featuring floral, botanical and architectural patterns. Not enough lace? We also have a generous choice of veils and accessories to lace up your look even more. 

5. Sequin and Sparkle 

Thought to be of Egyptian origin, sequins, beads and ‘sparkly’ garments symbolise power and wealth. And understandably so, historically the hours of time and craftmanship it takes to produce garments of like this is great and still remain today. Only those of higher status could afford to commission such pieces. Some of the oldest recorded clothing of this style are that of Tutankhamun, whose tomb bore garments adorned with disks of pure gold. As time went on, sequin styles became more affordable but the symbol remained. Today, brands like Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs put sequins on the runway. Bridal wear is no different, taking influence from the high fashion scene, sequins and sparkle will make your gown pop. They are a way to feel glamourous and expensive walking down the aisle. Here at June Peony Bridal we have no shortage of glitter and shine on our gowns. Here are just a few

Ultimately these features are just what is hot right now. What is most important is finding the best dress for you. We offer a bespoke service including alterations and customisation (upon request) to all of our dresses. We have a great selection of accessories to complete your final wedding day look. As well as excellent quality, premium fabrics and current designs for all our gowns. 

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